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Chicago, USA Loses Olympics. Right-Wing, USA Rejoices.

Posted by AB on October 2, 2009

olympic rings by choithim.

Today, in Copenhagen, Denmark, the International Olympic Committee selected Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.  The four finalists were Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, and Tokyo. 

The story should be the pride that Brazil and all of South America should feel as they celebrate the continent’s first ever Olympic Games.  Unfortunately, the story in this country has become the non-sensical joy of the right-wing punditry and political class.  As soon as President Obama announced that he would be going to Copenhagen to give a presentation in support of Chicago’s bid for the Olympics, bloggers and talk-show hosts from the right were openly rooting against the bid from the United States, insulting the city of Chicago and its citizens.  Republican politicians hit the President, insinuating that he didn’t have time to speak in Copenhagen, with so many other things going on.  I guess they forgot that President Obama’s trip of less than 24 hours pales in comparison to President Bush’s four days as a spectator, last summer in Beijing.  There were not complaints from the right, or the left, for that matter, as our economy was nearing collapse.

The news that Chicago, USA was the first city eliminated by the IOC became music to the ears of President Obama’s critics and opponents.  It was as if they had just won the lottery.  They are rejoicing at the thought that our country has lost-out on the Olympics, and that President Obama has “failed.”  Openly rooting against the United States?  Some might call that un-American or anti-American.  Not only that, but to rub it in the face of those who worked so hard to bring the Olympics, once again, to the United States.  These reactions are beyond the pale, and I would be embarrassed to be connected to these opponents of our country.

No doubt, this is a disappointment, but not only for Chicago or the President.  The Olympics would have brought hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars to the midwest.  I guess the question that must be asked to all of those hucksters hoping for America’s Olympic bid to fail is this:  “Why do you hate America?”

While I am disappointed that Chicago lost its Olympics bid, I am happy for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and all of South America.  All of these years, and South America has yet to have the opportunity to host an Olympic Games, Summer or Winter.  If not here, in the good ‘ole USA, then I’m glad that it was Rio.  But let’s face it; despite the oversized expectations, Rio de Janeiro was a shoe-in.  No other country could overcome the this long-overdue nod to a South American city.  I have no hard feelings toward the IOC for selecting Rio, but I do have hard feelings toward Right-Wing, USA for its actions.

Maybe Chicago officials should have pulled a Salt Lake City and paid bribes to IOC officials to secure the bid.  In fact, that embarrassment might have played a part, in the minds of voters, for denying Chicago’s bid.  Whatever the case, the right-wing hacks of America will have their fun at the expense of Chicago and the President, but President Kennedy said, after the Bay of Pigs, “There’s an old saying that victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan.”  Well, this is not the Bay of Pigs, but this is a small embarrassment for the President, and one that will go away, despite the joy of Right-Wing, USA.   

Get to work Rio!


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Happy Birthday, America

Posted by AB on July 4, 2009

Fireworks over Navesink by wmliu.

Happy Birthday, America.  You are 233 years young today, and still the greatest country this world has ever known.

No matter how tough the times might be, you always come through.  Your military might is unmatched.  Your contributions to the world, in all respects, have been enormous.  Your citizens; left, right, and center make yours the most successful democracy ever.  And despite the tough times, a bright future is ahead.

Happy Birthday, America.

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Posted by AB on March 5, 2009

The 2008 World Baseball Classic began today, on the other side of the planet, as Japan defeated China 4-0.  A sellout crowd of over 43,000 was on hand in the Tokyo Dome to watch the defending champion take care of business.

The United States, managed by Davey Johnson, will open against Canada on Saturday, in Toronto.  After a disappointing 2006 WBC, the Americans will attempt to regain dominance over the “national past time.” 

The World Baseball Classic debuted in 2006 as a contest, held every two years, with the best baseball players in the world representing their home countries.  This event was created to better help spread the game of baseball throughout the world.  Sixteen countries will take part in the tournament that will culminate in Los Angeles on March 21-23.  The pools and locations for the first round are as follows:

Pool A (Tokyo)                                              

  • China                                                  
  • Chinese Taipei
  • Japan
  • Korea


Pool B (Mexico City)

  • Australia
  • Cuba
  • Mexico
  • South Africa


Pool C (Toronto)

  • Canada
  • Italy
  • United States
  • Venezuela


Pool D (San Juan)

  • Dominican Republic
  • Netherlands
  • Panama
  • Puerto Rico

I hope that more people in the US will pay more attention, and take more pride in this tournament than we saw in 2006.  It’s likely news to many Americans that there is such a thing as a World Baseball Classic.  We are going through some difficult times in this country, as is the rest of the world.  Let us get behind our national team.  Let us take national pride in our “national past time,” once again.  This is an opportunity to put our problems aside and enjoy this great competition.


USA!  USA!  USA!    




Kevin Youkilis, Brian McCann, and Adam Dunn hit home runs in the United States’ 6-5 win over Canada in Pool A play of the World Baseball Classic.  The US is 1-0, while Canada goes to 0-1 in the double-elimination first round.


LeTroy Hawkins got the pitching win for the US, and JJ Putz got the save in a raucus Rogers Centre, formerly known as the Toronto Sky Dome.   




Mark DeRosa and Chris Ianetta each drove in four runs as the United States exploded, offensively, to beat Venezuela 15-6.  The US moves to 2-0 in Pool C, and will advance to the second round.


Chipper Jones left the game with an oblique strain, but says that he”ll be ready to play in the second round.


Matt Linstrom got the pitching win for the US, while the Chicago Cubs’ Carlos Zambrano was charged with the loss for Venezuela.  



The good guys lost to Venezuela tonight, and lost Pool C.  Winning the Pool is not very significant, because both teams will advance to the next round.  The loss will affect seeding, however.


The second round begins on Saturday for the Americans.  They will play Pool D winner, Puerto Rico, on Saturday in Miami. 

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