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Brown Wins in Mass.

Posted by AB on January 20, 2010

After last night’s special election, in Massachusetts, for the Senate seat held by the late Edward Kennedy, there are quite a few words that come to my mind, as a proud Democrat:  embarrassed, ashamed, humiliated, frustrated, sad, confused, angry, humbled, and a few more, I’m sure.  Senator-elect Scott Brown gives Republicans 41 seats in the United States Senate, ensuring their ability to obstruct and block just about anything the 59-seat majority Democrats want to do, most prominently the current health care reform efforts.  It’s a shame that in America, 41 is more than 59.  And with Republicans refusing to put forth the effort to help the American people, in any way, because of their ongoing efforts to damage our President, don’t expect much to get done in this mid-term election year.

Democrats will be pointing fingers at one another for the next few weeks, but there is plenty of blame to go around.  Martha Coakley ran a terrible campaign.  Congressional Democrats can get nothing done.  President Obama is not being forceful enough with his policy agenda.  I only hope that the correct lessons are  learned from this debacle.  The lesson is to not back off, to not be weak, but to work hard to get things done for the American people.  Now is not the time to pout or complain.  Now is the time to press even harder for the policies that Democrats hold dear.

If there is a silver lining from last night’s disappoinment, it is that a sleepy Democratic party just got a fire lit under their asses.  We are angry, and we want blood, too.  So let’s fight, Democrats.  The future of our nation is at stake.  There is no progress without struggle.


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The Beer Summit

Posted by AB on July 30, 2009

Finally, the “Beer Summit.” It’s what we’ve all been waiting to see. President Obama has kept his promise to bring Professor Henry Louis Gates and Sgt. James Crowley together over a beer.  Wait a minute….does anyone else think this is silly?  This whole story has been blown completely out of proportion, and it was being blown out of proportion before the President said that the police officer “acted stupidly.”

Sgt. Crowley arrested Professor Gates a couple of weeks ago, inside his own home, for “exhibiting loud and tumultuous behavior.”  The story was framed by the media as racial profiling, but the more information that was revealed, the clearer it became that this wasn’t racial-profiling at all.  This was an incident in which a good man investigated a 911 call at the home of another good man, and these two massive egos clashed, resulting in a shit-storm of media overreaction.

If this becomes an opportunity for Americans to discuss race-relations, great; we need to honestly discuss race-relations.  But why aren’t we asking the questions about civil liberties, because I should have the freedom to be as belligerent as I want to be, in my own home, without being arrested.  The biggest question I have is this:  “Can I be arrested for yelling at a police officer while I’m in my home?”  Apparently, you can’t in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

President Obama has been hit hard about his comment, but he was right, and in another context, the same people who have criticized Professor Gates and backed Sgt. Crowley would agree. 

*Why did Sgt. Crowley come to the White House with his union Rep. and lawyer?  And don’t Republicans hate unions?  Just a couple of questions that I was wondering.

*Let’s hope that this is over.  Maybe some good can come from this.

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