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Response to My Letter to Rep. McHenry

Posted by AB on September 9, 2009

In my earlier post about the form letter response from Rep. McHenry’s office, I meant to post the actual text.  I thank my good friend for reminding me.

 Dear Mr. xxxxx:

                 Thank you for contacting me regarding the challenges facing America’s healthcare system. I appreciate having the benefit of your thoughts.

Although the U.S. healthcare system is without a doubt the most advanced in the world, capable of providing miracle care, there are issues of access and cost that are a serious cause for concern.

I believe we must enact changes that provide greater access, protect the rights of patients, and eliminate the waste, fraud, and abuse in the system. Over the past several years in Congress, I am proud to have supported initiatives to increase health care coverage through the creation of Association Health Plans for smaller businesses, allow for greater access to health insurance through interstate commerce, and reform the broken medical malpractice system.

In reviewing the different options for reform being considered in Congress today, it is my first priority to preserve what works in American health care and protect the sacred doctor-patient relationship. Doctors are the experts, and the best system is where a patient and doctor make the decisions about care.


We’ve seen what happens in other countries when politicians and bureaucrats get between the patient and the doctor – quality decreases and bureaucracy increases. Oftentimes it’s the elderly or chronically ill who are most disadvantaged when options are taken away and healthcare is rationed.


As a nation, I believe we need targeted reform with measurable results that improve patient care, expand health care availability, and lower costs, without jeopardizing the doctor-patient relationship that ensures Americans have the personal choices to fit their individual health care needs.


Please be assured that during the debate on health care in Congress, I will continue to support efforts that will improve access, affordability and advancement of health care.  Thank you again for contacting my office.  It is an honor to serve as your United States Congressman.  Your suggestions are always welcome, and if ever I may be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Patrick McHenry

Member of Congress





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