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Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (1932-2009)

Posted by AB on August 26, 2009

We have lost a great American leader.  Senator Edward M. Kennedy lost his 15-month-long battle with brain cancer, early this morning.  He was 77-years-old.  Everyone knew that this day was near, but that fact does not make the loss any more difficult for his family, friends, and this Country.

Kennedy, the “Lion of the Senate,” is considered by many as the greatest, most influential Senator of the last 50-years or more.  He had a hand in every major Congressional legislation that the United States has passed since the mid-1960’s.  His life’s passion, however, hangs in the balance.  He was dedicated to making health care a right, rather than a privilege.  Unfortunately, his illness  has prevented him from leading the Senate through this legislation, and his colleagues have proved themselves incompetent.

All Americans–Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, of all ages and every race– have been influenced by the actions of Ted Kennedy, and for the better.  He will be missed, but we must attempt to live up to the legacy that he built and left behind.  I can think of no better way to honor Senator Kennedy than to make real health care reform a reality.

God Bless, Sen. Kennedy.  You no longer have to fight, and you can, finally, be reunited with your beloved brothers.


5 Responses to “Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (1932-2009)”

  1. wheresthehope said

    Teddy Kennedy was a noxious drunk, a sexual deviant and an unrepentant murderer posing as a U.S. Senator. The world became a better place the moment he assumed room temperature.

  2. How sweet! My first hate comment! This individual is, obviously, projecting. Don’t hate yourself, my friend. Everything will be alright.

    And, by the way, you haters intimidate no one.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. Tarheelpirates,

    Your “reader” who made the hideous comment above made the exact same comment on my blog. He/she must be going to every blog praising Senator Kennedy and pasting the same comment! Spam Hate!

  4. When I think back over Ted Kennedy’s Senate career, the word “redemption” comes to mind. The causes he championed were for children, the poor, the powerless, the environment, and the common man. For the first commenter to so blinded by hate that he can overlook all of the good that the senator did, he must be a wretched soul indeed.

  5. Merrilymarylee, “redemption” is a perfect word for Sen. Kennedy. We are all imperfect, but a truly great person can recognize his imperfections, admit them, and work to be a better person. Sen. Kennedy did that, and we should all be grateful.

    In the past few days, I have seen the best of America, and I have seen the worst. I am happy to say that there are many more good than bad.

    When I am gone, I hope that my lowest of lows will not be the centerpiece of discussion, and I have a feeling that all of Teddy’s critics have that same hope.

    Thanks for your comment. Very well said.

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