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Did You Lose Your Healthcare Today?

Posted by AB on August 3, 2009

While Republican lobbyists organize protests to shout down Democratic Congress members and Obama Administration officials during townhall meetings, thousands of Americans will lose healthcare coverage, daily. 

The US House of Representatives have recessed, and after this week, the US Senate will enter into the August recess.  Now, these lawmakers will return to his or her constituents, and one of the most critical issues they will discuss is that concerning healthcare reform.  I’m sure that many Americans are interested in having the opportunity to ask quetions of their democratically-elected representatives, and this ability retained by Americans to have this direct contact with those who actually make laws is just another reason that our country is so great.   Townhall-type forums allow for public discussion of important issues that affect all Americans.  Unfortunately, there are those who are attempting to shout-down and intimidate Representatives and voters, alike.

The healthcare industry is prepared to spend over a million dollars a day, yes, a day to kill healthcare reform.  And where is that money going?  Well, one lobbying group dedicated to “killing” healthcare reform is called FreedomWorks.  The Chairman of FreedomWorks is former Republican Majority leader Dick Armey–that is his real name.  This is the same organization that funded the so-called grassroots movement called “Tea Parties.” 

 A disturbing memo from FreedomWorks has been leaked, and it is one of the most sickening, anti-American, anti-democracy memos imaginable.  The memo calls for anti-healthcare supporters, and in some cases the group will bus-in supporters, to disrupt townhall meetings by intimidating Representatives and constituents.  This tactic is not only dispicable for the lies that are perpetrated by these people but, most of all, for the total disregard for the rights of their fellow Americans.

Meanwhile, there have been estimates as far back as February that suggest that approximately 14,000 Americans a day will lose healthcare coverage.  That is nearly 100,000 people a week that will lose healthcare.  And what is the solution provided by these opponents of healthcare reform?  Well, in their diseased minds, there is nothing wrong with our healthcare system.  Their ideal solutions is one that would cut even more taxes on insurance and pharmaceutical companies while Americans see premiums rise at over triple the rate of inflation and wages. 

So, if you find yourself at a townhall meeting to discuss the future of this country, and there are 10-20 loud assholes disrupting the discussion, don’t get angry.  First ask them to respect the speakers and those in attendence.  Then ask them if they have healthcare–they likely do.  Then find out where they are from; chances are that they are not from your congressional district, as they have been asked to disrupt any and all townhall meetings possible.  The most important thing to do is to, however, is to resist this intimidation, peacefully, and collect the information that that affects your family.  Find the truth.

Warning:  These people are thugs, and I would put nothing past them. 

*If you can stomach it, I have posted some YouTube clips of these protests, via TPM.


3 Responses to “Did You Lose Your Healthcare Today?”

  1. Isaac said

    A few questions, if you’d be so kind:

    How is Health Care a right?

    What is the basis for something to be a right?

    Is it okay to enforce the “right to healthcare” by taking money from other people?

    Do you think those who support the Public option have the intention of removing Private insurers from the market?

    I have more also below; you don’t have to respond to all these, these are more biased questions from my personal thoughts:

    Isn’t a “public option” exactly what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were to the Mortgage and Security Industry, and didn’t they cause absolute havoc?

    Isn’t “Citizen’s Home Insurance” in Florida another example of a “public option” which destroys the private insurers and drives up property insurance costs (which have skyrocketed in recent years)?

    Where, in the entire world, has Government-controlled healthcare resulted in greater innovation and access to Health Care instead of queues? Before Medicare and Medicaid, our health care system was the envy of the world. Are not those public options?

    It’s one thing to offer catastrophic coverage, but to pay absolutely nothing except new taxes and allow people to go in and see a doctor whenever they want. Cash to Clunkers is a good example of what will happen when “Free” health care is offered.

    (by the way, Obama’s “not a dime in new middle class taxes” has become “I will not allow the burden to fall completely or primarily on middle class families” and Geithner wouldn’t rule out a tax hike on middle class families)

    Beyond all this, we are already this heavy into a deficit and we want to add socialized medicine (which is not slated to go into effect until 2012/2013 by the way, so I wonder what the rush is). As Obama said, we’re already out of money.

  2. Isaac said

    I also must add – Social Security was intended to supplement and be a public additive to retirement investing. It is also bankrupt, as Medicare is. The examples of “public options” which fail and cause us to be in the red financially are numerous. Socialism, forced on a largely unwilling people, will continue to cause this country to slide.

    Adjusted for inflation and other factors,

    Norman Thomas, six-time socialist party candidate for president: “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

  3. Isaac said

    Oops, I apologize for the prior post. Laptops do have that bad habit of having keys very close together and buttons are hit on accident…

    Adjusted for inflation and other factors, The United States’ progress economically ceased in the 90s. That’s a shocking thing for me to say – but I can produce the facts as to why.

    1) Debt exploded in the latter portion of the 20th century and continues to explode. The current debt is unpayable unless dramatic cuts were made. This will eventually either enslave the American people by taxation or destroy their currency and reduce them to the level of the Weimar Republic.
    2) The smartest firms diversified overseas and continue to move their operations more and more to China, Singapore, and other bastions of freedom still left in the world. There has been a quiet exodus of major manufacturers from the US for many reasons.
    3) China’s diversification into other major trade partners has reduced us to 5% of their GDP, so they are no longer reliant on us as a consumer. Eventually, they will not need us at all as they allow the Yuan to appreciate. China suppresses its own purchasing power to keep us afloat (because their current bond/dollar holdings depreciate as the dollar does). Once they change that policy, our purchasing power will begin to plummet and theirs will rise. They will be hit initially with a small recession, but will recover very rapidly – we will be hit by a long-term, deep recession which will either be heavily inflationary (if the Fed does nothing) or crippling, if the Fed decides to raise fed fund rates to the 20s or 30s.

    Subsequently, China will be able to buy more of its own products and will become the world powerhouse/creditor that the USA was in the late 1800s/early 1900s.

    The smart money in terms of growth is on those countries that continue to progress toward a more free society (as China is). We are not progressing in that direction. “A public option in health care,” aka the groundwork for single payer and destruction of the health insurance market, will lead to a far less free society.

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