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Embryonic Stem-Cells Cure Blindness

Posted by AB on April 19, 2009

Scientists in the UK have developed a cure for the most common cause of blindness, age-related macular degeneration (AMD).  Sarah-Kate Templeton has posted the story on the TimesOnline, as British news outlet.

The procedure will use embryonic stem-cells to reproduce the cells lost by macular degeneration.  Surgeons believe that the procedure can become quite common when eventually approved, and they say that it will actually be an one hour, outpatient procedure. 

The research is so promising, the pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, has announced that it will invest in the development of the procedure.  Pfizer does not spend its resources on ineffective medicine.  Surgeons hope to begin clinical trials within the next two years, with universal availability within the next six or seven years. 

This news is great, not only for those who suffer from AMD, but also for all of those who suffer from other conditions previously thought incurable.  Expect news like this to come out more frequently, now that the US government will begin to fund the country’s brilliant cellular scientists and doctors.


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