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Anti-Union Groups Looking Out for Workers? Yeah Right.

Posted by AB on March 11, 2009

The Employee Free Choice Act was introduced in both houses Congress, yesterday.  If you are supporter of unions, you probably like it.  If you believe that unions are harmful to free-market capitalism, you probably hate it.  I am noticing a great deal of certainty on both sides of this issue, but the only thing that is clear is that neither side really understands a damn thing about the bill.  I’m still trying to pick through some of the more refined details, but I think that I know enough to make an informed judgement.  I support this bill, and I do so because I believe that the passage of the bill will strengthen the American workforce.

Anti-union groups are spending millions of dollars telling anyone who will listen that the passage of this legislation will deny worker’s rights.  First of all, if you ever hear anti-union groups sounding-off about workers rights, then you should quickly understand that something is fishy.  They don’t really care about worker’s rights, and they do not like unions–hence the moniker with which they have been saddled. 

The official meme from anti-union groups has been that the Employee Free Choice Act will eliminate the right to a secret ballot.  Not true.  The bill will give more rights to employees.  Employers currently have the ability to campaign against unions throughout the workday, but pro-uion organizers can only campaign during break times.  Could you imagine if our democracy was like that?  One political party can run campaign ads all week long, but the opposition can only run ads on the weekend.  Not very fair, is it?

This is only the tip of the iceberg.  Just remember that they are called anti-union groups for a reason–they are not sympathetic to unions.  In some places they are called anti-worker groups.  Is that because they want to help workers with better wages and better benefits?  No?

The EFCA will be sliced and diced before it goes up for a vote, and this will be a nasty, no-holds-barred cage match between unions and their opponents.  It will not be pretty, but when it passes, it will be worth the fight.  The workforce will be strengthened, and that in turn will strengthen our country.


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