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Winter Wonderland

Posted by AB on March 3, 2009

Look, I enjoyed the snow when I was younger, and as a child of the south, I am always mesmerized by the beautiful flakes falling from the sky.  But I must say, I never miss it when it’s gone.

When I was young, there was added incentive for a large amount of snow–NO SCHOOL!  I remember waking early on days in which we were expecting snow, to get the up-to-the-minute closings from the local morning newscast.  The cities of the south are ill-prepared for winter weather– just a little  ice or snow, and “yes, no school!”  Nevermind that we later had to make-up those snow days.  Young people are into instant gratification, and nothing matters beyond the here and now.


I’ve personally never liked cold weather.  Give me a sweltering 95 degrees in the shade over 45 degrees any day.  I couldn’t see myself living up north in the winter.  If I have such a dislike for North Carolina’s winter weather, I would hardly want to see what it’s like in even colder climates.  I would probably never leave the house. 

The best part of these past couple of days of snow, for me, is seeing the neighborhood kids and dogs playing in this rare wonderland.  They love the snow.  If the parents and dog-owners hadn’t made them, they would have never come inside.  The frigid temperatures have no effect.  They have no worries, and they only want to have fun.  That is the real beauty of the snow in the south.  Maybe it’s not so bad afterall.


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